Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A thin me in the mirror.

Today I was in the bathroom and I have a tendency to stand sideways in just a top and underwear and look to see if I look any different today than I did yesterday.

I now wear bikini underwear and I wear them under the big old droopy belly. I used to wear the big panties and the waist would be over the belly and the size was 12. Now, the bikinis that I wear are size six and they are getting loose on me. Seriously.

 The belly used to be down where it hit my thighs, now it doesn't. It used to be if I took a bath in hot water, my legs and belly would be red, but when I stood up, my thighs were completely white. The heat had not reached them because of my belly on them so firmly, like two thirds down to my knees.

But today I noticed that there is play in it. I can fold the belly. It's not a big ball anymore. It's floppy.

So, I stood there and got my arms UNDER it and hoisted it all up in my arms. It was heavy, but not as heavy as it was when it was a hundred pounds and more.

I looked at myself with just my back, sides and my arms and the belly hidden in my arms under my shirt.

I purposely did not look at the ball of belly I had gathered in my arms. And you know what?

When this belly, this 45 pounds of floppy mess is deflated and GONE, I am going to be really thin! 

I mean, I got a real look at it today! I looked like a bean pole!

I have a good frame now, my back is much thinner, my hips, below the belly, my actual hips are not very padded. It's just all subcutaneous fat.

I have no ass, but hey! Who cares?

I just can't wait to see it shrink more and more and then do you know what I want to do after I maintain my goal successfully?

I want to cut that mother off. I want to be FREE of it.



Look up my poem about my abdomen that I wrote seven years ago...

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