Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day Three of the Reboot

UPDATE:  Please know that I have realized that my Reboot was actually the beginning stages of yo yo dieting.  I would not suggest that anyone starve themselves like I began doing at this point in my journey: You can read about it here:

It is day THREE of my reboot of my lifestyle. I feel good. Yesterday was hard. I had planned to take my son and my younger kids to a college tour. I did not go prepared though. I wasn't able to take my cashew milk for the smoothie at lunch, so I decided to table that and just move the meals around.

So my day went:

Morning: 9 am
4 oz cashew milk/4 oz water
1 scoop protein powder (egg protein)

Noon: 11 am
Eggbeaters (1/2 cup)

3 pm (I was STARVING)
Half of a McDonalds Angus Burger Patty with nothing on it.

Dinner: 6:45 pm

Protein Shake
Fiber 1 Bar(90 calorie)

All in all, it was too light of a day.

But today I weighed in at 207. So whether a fluid balance loss or whatever, I am losing and that helps me feel like I am making progress.

My plan today is to do three shakes and the egg beaters again. Those were very good. I have some nice salmon for dinner.

Going to bed early saved my bacon. I was hungry again in bed, but it passed when I went to sleep.

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