Monday, June 29, 2015

weekly weigh in post

205 lbs 5 months post op

I weighed in this morning at 205, which is down one pound from last week. I have lost 93 lbs since my all time high and 51 lbs since the date of surgery nearly 5 months ago.

I have modified the 5 Day Pouch test to fit myself better and am using that as my eating guide. I find that drinking two protein drinks and eating light/soft foods has helped me a lot. I don't want to be hungry/starving, but I do want to be fed. I eat heavier in the evening, but end up stay at about 700 calories or so per day. This seems to be an ok place for me. Even if I have a day where I go way over, it doesn't seem to have a hit as long as it is just one day and there is a good buffer of lower calorie days on either side of it.

This really equates to about 6 days of lower eating and one day of higher eating.

While eating beef and bacon is not terribly bad for my protein/calorie numbers, it does a number on my digestion and I just feel like I am carrying that food around in my guts for days while it digests. So I am trying to eat foods that process better. I feel sort of poisoned when I eat a food that plugs everything up. Bloated and poisoned.

I did eat cauliflower and although it was DELICIOUS, it really caused me to be in terrible pain from gas. I bought Beano, but have not been brave enough to try it. The pain from the gas was that bad.

I am learning that when I eat something high in protein, like an egg, I try to follow it with some celery to move things through. That seems to be helping.

I notice that going out to eat, the menus are really frustrating. It's hard to order a breakfast type meal without them pushing heavy carbs (pancakes, bread, muffins or some sort of potatoes). I can't even get them to swap out the carbs for a protein, light soup or veggie. Most of the fruit cups contain seeded fruits, so that is not good for me (diverticulosis). I end up paying more for less, which irritates me.

How fat did I get trying to save money at a restaurant table?

I really find that I end up paying for a full meal and getting much less than others because I don't want the carbs on my plate. I don't even want to share them with others at my table.

298 lbs
I know some people have those cards from their doctor which allow them to get the kid's meals. My doctor doesn't offer that. I think I know why:

The kid's menus are mostly carbs. I mean, have you LOOKED at a kid's menu lately? No wonder so many kids are fat. They get a sugary drink, some carbs, maybe a little protein and a dessert.

So, I lost about 5 pounds last month, four the month before and seven the month before that. I keep pressing on. 41 lbs to go to get to goal and then into maintenance.

I am not swimming these days, I am walking every day. Swimming is just too hard with everyone on vacation and me swimming at a hotel pool. So I walk.

My upcoming goal is 202, which is the weight I weighed after my third child. Then, of course, it's going to be Onederland. It's taken a long time to get from 210 just to 205, so I have no timeline for this next goal.

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