Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hacked Again. Advice? Nux Vomica? What is it?

We all know that stress can cause weight gain. I have had a boatload lately.

My checking account has been hacked twice in the last 2 months both times from Anonymous sources abroad. I'm learning little by little but I need to find a new way for paying for things online. And honestly I'm not going to go back to shopping at brick-and-mortar stores.

So I bought myself a new computer because my old computer would not allow the browser to upgrade to the most protected version. I had two computers that were old like that.

I also decided to start using my Banks bill pay feature because they use encryption that I can't duplicate here at home. And I went out and bought a better type of antivirus and put it on my phone and my computer.

I guess I kind of compare having to use antivirus to what guys must feel like when they have to wear a condom.

It gives me a little bit more security that I'm not going to have really horrible things happen after I am done, but it really changes the experience of being online into something it's more like work and a whole lot less pleasurable. I'm still going to do it I'm just not going to enjoy it very much.

Hello hope to God the whole time I'm doing it but my antivirus doesn't break and leave me vulnerable.

On a whole nother subject I tried a homeopathic remedy for my cold. I'd like everybody to watch out for this one. If you find a medicine that has the ingredient "nux vomica" in it and believe me this is in a lot of homeopathic medicines, you need to know to that ingredient is strychnine.

Yes I said strychnine. Rat poison.

The medicine that I took cleared my cold right up took away my stuffy nose and gave me vomiting and diarrhea for most of yesterday. Not what I would consider to be an adequate trade-off.

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