Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Butt

I'm not going to post any pictures, I'm sure everybody is thrilled by that statement. I am going to talk about my butt however.

I've lost a lot of weight. 125 pounds so far. The result of which has been an increase of Health, feeling better overall and the total loss of my butt.

Loose skin is strange but loose skin over bones is even stranger. When I go to sit down gravity pulls all of the loose skin that used to cover the fat on my butt down just to the point where my sitting bones are located.

When I sit down, no matter whether it's a cushy living room chair or stadium seating, my body crunches down on several inches of accordion pleated ass skin.

The resulting pinch always surprises me.  Sometimes,  if the chair is soft,  it takes about 45 seconds for the feeling of owie to take place.

I usually usually scoot around looking like I'm trying to dig a hole in the chair so that the skin is off to the front, back, left and right of my body instead of directly underneath my pelvic bones. This makes it look like I'm a dog with a bad case of round worms. I tried to do it while nobody's looking.

I have a neck pillow that I use while I'm driving. I sit on it.

The feeling of comfort lasts for about 32.5 seconds.

Would I change my current position for the former one of having plump, fat filled buttocks?

Not in this lifetime. I'd rather carry a butt pillow everywhere that I go then to carry my padding under the skin in the form of 125 pounds of fat

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