Saturday, May 21, 2016

Running in the rain

Yesterday I had to be out of town helping my high school senior prepare for college through a college orientation.

We did some walking on campus but it didn't rise to the level of true exercise.

So this morning I woke up to tons of rain, the reason that we didn't go camping this weekend was the projected rain and it certainly was falling in buckets.

I've gathered up some tried-and-true rain gear which is also doubled as snow gear during the colder months. I have a rain poncho from the Frogg Togg company. I also have a hat that I found at the thrift store which is a olive green hat with a turndown Brim which keeps the rain poncho from obscuring my side Vision. That's important because when crossing a road I want to be able to look behind me for traffic. Especially when its rainy sometimes I can't hear the sounds of the traffic.

I have 2 pair of shoes now to give time for each pair to dry out on a rainy day. One pair is a pair of Brooks which are really slightly too big for me and the other pair is a pair of Asics which fit nicely that are very well worn. They have two holes in each shoe, one at the top and one at the pinky toe.

I think I like running in the rain because it's a solitary Run for the most part. Very few dogs and very few people. I've taken to mostly going out without my glasses and the other day I had two frights when I thought I saw strange things but they turned out being other than what I thought.

At one point I thought I saw a baby stroller going up Cemetery Hill under its own Steam.

It was not a haunted stroller,  which would be terrifying,  it was a tom turkey in full plumage protecting his flock. There were three hens and two toms.

Later I  thought I saw a big dog walking slowly toward me,  turned out to be an octogenarian in a thick hoodie. 

I can now run for miles  at a slow loping pace. My breathing is relaxed and not labored.  My belly still flaps,  but I hold my abs tight.  I'm starting to see areas where the belly and torso fat dimples in to the firm muscles below. 

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