Tuesday, July 26, 2016

17 month update

A lot has happened.

1. I had another attack of diverticulitis which resulted in me being flat on my back for nearly 4 weeks.

2. While adding Foods back into my diet after the attack of diverticulitis I realized I was having real problem with wheat.

3. My doctor tested me for celiac disease and that has not come back yet but going on a gluten free diet has made huge improvements in my health overall.

4. Since the illness my weight dropped from 180 to 165 bringing me to a total of about 132 pounds lost so far. Size 12 is comfy now. I'm 5' 7.

5. I'm trying to drastically limit my stress. I had to find a home for the 9 month old German Shepherd puppy we were raising. She was just too strong for me to handle. We have one dog and one cat now. I feel like I just left an abusive relationship, as she was bruising me,  biting me and had broken my front tooth. Not her fault,  she was too strong for me.

6. I'm going to be starting seeing a counselor as of tonight trying to get my head around what my weight loss goals and body shape image problems are. Also to try to see what I need to do personally to keep my 16 year old autistic son from harming me.

There's more, I'll post a video but I know not everybody watches videos.

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