Here is a link to the page that lists each of the pages that have goals as a label:


This is the page where I update as I hit each goal:


I posted this page because I think that goals are important. I try to make them small and achievable. I don't stress when I hit a goal weight and then my weight rises above it a couple of days later, because that is how things happen for me.

I lose down to a certain point and then my weight stabilies, rises, lowers, falls back down to where it was, becomes stagnant and then drops again.

This is a two week cycle. It's become a routine that I am getting used to. I don't freak out now and I expect to lost about 5 lbs a month. That's it. But five pounds a month is 60 pounds in a year and that's how I have gotten to 195 lbs from 298. I have about 30 lbs to go at this point.

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